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The purpose or purposes for which such association is incorporated are:

1. To encourage, foster and stimulate the exchange of ideas on such issues or matters of interest or concern between and among businessmen, professionals, government officials and the citizenry in general.

2. To obtain and distribute reliable and beneficial information concerning the individual and collective interest of its members viz-a-viz information from the government geared towards the general welfare of the citizenry.

3. To stimulate public opinion and reaction to its projects by informing the public of its objectives and engaging in civic, educational, commercial, industrial, social and business activities.

4. To advance the study of business and businessmen as participants in and contributors to nation building by interacting and cooperating with other clubs, institutes, associations or organizations not created for partisan politics or propaganda purposes, and by evoking attention to these studies on the part of others and by means of such research and educational methods as may be engendered through language and other schools; to conduct seminars, conferences, and researches on business practices and methods; to organize discussion, conferences, study groups, and publications; and to use other lawful, appropriate and genuine means for the attainment of these purposes.

5. To organize, staff and finance research or sholarship projects which may be established in furtherance of the purposes and objectives of this club.

6. To promote, support and finance the publication of journals, books, and magazines and reports prepared under the auspices of this club.

7. To receive and/or give grants, gifts, legacies donations, contributions, endowments, and financial aids or loans from any sources whatsoever, and to make use of them in operating enterprises, activities and business as may be necessary to carry out the objectives of this club.


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